Sustainable Residential Architecture

Integrated Infrastructures views Residential Architecture as the process of bringing to life the vision of the residents of a home, whether that home is a part of a larger development, or an individual home.  We believe Residential Architecture should always be about the family, with ties to the larger community around that home.  

Integrated Infrastructures works with you to bring about your vision by not only providing the most progressive technical expertise, but also through articulating part of that work is understanding agency requirements, informing your decision making throughout the design process.  Integrated Infrastructures works closely with local governments and homeowners associations, ensuring a smooth design process.  This results in plans that cost effective and buildable while meeting all local requirements.  The benefit to you is a project that is about you, and welcomed into the surrounding community.  

Additionally, Integrated Infrastructures is LEEDS Accredited, bringing to your home efficiency  and an environmental sensitivity.  We can incorporate multiple systems, such as photovoltaics and water capture, into your home, or make provisions to allow for the future addition of those systems.  We incorporate sustainable materials, creating a home environment that is not only better for the outside environment, but creates an internal environment that is safe and healthy for you and your family.

Mike Elliott