Coachella Valley Historical Society Master Plan

The Coachella Valley is undergoing a tremendous change resulting from the growth in the region. In a like way the Coachella Valley Historical Society’s Museum and Cultural Center is also undergoing an opportunity to grow in its own development. The Center currently is comprised of five buildings on 2.64 acres. Current planning and construction activity has highlighted the need and opportunity to consider a Master Plan that will provide an overall physical framework for the Museum and Cultural Center’s growth, evolution, and renewal.

Master planning creates a cohesive space in which buildings,vehicular and pedestrian circulation and open space work together rather than evolving in a patchwork fashion as short term solutions arise.

The Master Plan process allowed us to identify, take advantage of, and integrate growth challenges such as fiscal responsibility, staffing and volunteer needs, storage and archival needs as well as demographic trends within the region. Ultimately, The Master Plan is intended to enable the Coachella Valley Historical Society to realize this stated purpose as well as provide the flexibility to accommodate any unanticipated future needs in the operations of the Center.

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  1. Site plan
  2. Exhibition Hall Site Area
  3. Date Museum Area
  4. Date Garden Area
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