Greenville Streetscape and Downtown Revitalization Plan

Greenville is a small town in the Norther Sierra Nevada that has been impacted by many economic changes to the area, most notably the reduction in extractive industries such as timber harvesting and mining. TheDowntown Greenville Plumas Corporation brought Integrated Infrastructures to this community to help create a plan for revitalization of downtown Greenville.

Integrated Infrastructures brought together many elements of this community to create a plan that has broad support, helping to ensure the successful completion of this process. The elements that were a part of this process included county government, local businesses, community based nonprofits, and individual members of the community. A lasting result of this process is that the local steering committee formed during the this plan will continue on to ensure implementation of the plans elements.

Recommendations made as a part of this plan include zoning changes, design guidelines, transit plans, and utility service recommendations. Various county agencies and the local CalTrans office have already begun work to implement many of the recommendations of this plan.

Greenvile Map

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