Community Planning Toolkit

  • Assesment and Evaluation  
  • Economic Development
    • In partnership with Rea & Parker Research
  • Community Planning
  • Urban Forestry and Agriculture
    • A growing need in response to California AB32 and SB375
  • Carbon Footprint/Green Building Assessment
  • Community Outreach
  • Community Design Charettes
  • Community Consensus Building
  • Resource Development
  • Video Documentation
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Comprehensive Policy Analysis
  • Public Relations
At Integrated Infrastructures we welcome all input into the process of working on a project.  We have found that the more information we have in a planning project leads to a project that the community not only welcomes, but advocates. We do not adhere to labels, such as traditional planning or new urbanism, instead we adhere to a clear definition and understanding of your community.

"They just have a lot of social passion about what they do.  
That’s the spark that got us involved."
Jeff Hayes, Executive
Director of DACE and Rancho Housing Alliance

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