Community Historic Preservation Toolkit

At Integrated Infrastructures, Inc. we know that historic buildings contribute to the definition of the character of a region.  Historic buildings provide an important and tangible link with the past.  Today, historic districts around the country are experiencing unprecedented revitalization as cities begin using their cultural artifacts as anchors for community redevelopment and pride.

Integrated Infrastructures, Inc. also knows that too often the hard work to preserve and revitalize historic buildings runs up against financial obstacles, in particular obstacles that create challenges in reusing these unique structures.

With this in mind, Integrated Infrastructures has developed a Community Preservation Toolkit to help communities preserve these important parts of the fabric of the community.

Preservation Consulting Services Include:
  • Preservation Evaluation and Assessment
  • Historic Registry Designation
  • Community Liaison and Consensus Building
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Local Preservation Ordinance Analysis
  • NEPA and CEQA Analysis

"Integrated Infrastructures
jumped in to provide their expertise when I sent out a desperate call for help to save
a historic rancho. Thanks to
their professional input, I was
able to save this treasure
Jennie Kelly,  East Valley Historical Society,
Coachella Valley Historical Preservation Alliance

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