Sustainable Community Architecture

Community Based Architecture is the process of bringing the Architectural profession into the Community, to facilitate a Community process to create the physical elements of a Community.

As a result, these physical elements become a more integral part of the Community because they are of and are about the Community. Together Integrated Infrastructures and the community work to achieve the best possible results. The Community does not just benefit within the confines of the immediate project, but, simply put, Community interest becomes the most important goal of the Architect.

Community Based Architecture is not achieved in a vacuum. Community Based Architecture requires the ongoing education of both the Community and the Architect. The Community then is engaged in learning about the Architect, Architecture and skills the Architect can bring to their community. Reciprocally, the Architect must learn about the Community, its history, culture and plans for the future to better serve the community interest and not personal interest.

Community Based Architecture is not just about "doing ones homework" prior to working with a new client. Rather, this is an ongoing process of learning and discovering together the values, challenges and nature of the Community through the process of design, and then collaboratively applying those lessons to the work at hand.

In addition to Professional Licensure in the State of California, Integrated Infrastructures is also LEEDS Accredited in Environmental and Energy Efficient design by the United States Green Building Council.

"I’ve worked with Integrated Infrastructures for six years
now and I’ve been very
satisfied with their work. They
are eager to please, and very responsive. They spend quality time up front, to learn about
my needs, and to understand
my direction. This process
alone has proven to be very beneficial to Altura and the projects that we’ve worked on together. I enjoy working with
this company they know the
meaning of customer
Elaine Holman, Vice
President Facilities, Altura
Credit Union

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