Altura Credit Union Coachella Branch Office

Fire Station

The Altura Credit Union Coachella Branch Office is an adaptive reuse of a 1920's era fire station in downtown Coachella, California. The project is a collaboration between the Desert Alliance for Community Empowerment, the Altura Credit Union, and the City of Coachella.

Integrated Infrastructures has worked with all parties, balancing the needs of a modern bank branch office with the requirements to bring this needed service to this community as economically as possible, as well as the community need to maintain the historical integrity of one of the oldest structures in Coachella.

One of the most important features of this structure, the wooden fire doors, will be retained, and integrated into the design of the Credit Union. These doors will be opened when the Credit Union is open, exposing the more modern entry to the Credit Union, and closed when the Credit Union is closed, providing an additional layer of security as the fire doors protect the store front entry behind them.

You can also read about the project on the Altura Credit Union Web Site.



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  1. Equipment Room
  2. Second Floor Dormitory
  3. Equipment Room now as Credit Union Lobby
  4. Second Floor Dormitory now as Second Floor Conference Room
  5. Grand Opening
  6. From City Hall Plaza

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