Indian Valley Community Services District Civic Center

The Indian Valley Community Services District is the utility services provider for the communities that make up the Indian Valley area of the Northern Sierra Nevada in California.  While the area is unincorporated, and under County jurisdiction, the Community Services District is the de facto local government for this community.  

The goal of the Master Plan for the Civic Center is to create a central public space in the Indian Valley for the various services offered by the Community Services District, as well as  public civic space within the community.  Working with the Board of Directors and members of the Community, Integrated Infrastructures is working to create a public center for this community, incorporating public open space and community services such as child care and counseling, as well as house the operations of the Community Services District.  One of the challenges of this project is incorporating a 1940's schoolhouse and a 1940's era quonset hut, both important to the historic fabric of the community, into the master plan for this work.  

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  1. Civic Center from South West
  2. Courtyard from North East
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