Indio Hills Community Center

The Indio Hills Community Center serves the unincorporated areas of the Coachella Valley in Riverside County.  The community center was housed in an older building that was added to an existing fire station, which as has since been abandoned by the county.  

Integrated Infrastructures was brought into the this project by the Riverside County Economic Development Agency to work with the local community to develop the design for this project.  In addition to the local community, many agencies of the County of Riverside were involved in the design of this project, as it will also function as a remote office for county service organizations in the Indio Hills community.  

The design of the Community Center reflected the desire of the community to create a space that was a part of their community, incorporating both indoor and outdoor facilities.  The Center opened in May of 2009 with a ceremony attended by the local community and Supervisor Roy Wilson.  

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  1. Model Rendering looking from the South
  2. Under Construction
  3. Entry
  4. From the adjacent Park
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